Fitocracy is a catering company that offers exceptional services for private schools, corporate and social events. Our mission is to serve clean, delicious and nutritious food while providing impeccable service with care, integrity and professionalism.

Our unique set of wide-ranging skills and knowledge allows us to be a truly different catering company that provides healthy food, nutrition education and expert level services. Menus and events are custom built to accommodate each client’s needs and budget.

We are different from any other meal service provider on the market by offering clean organic food, healthy nutritious menus created by a Health & Nutrition expert and delicious attractive meals crafted by an award winning Master Chef.


Healthy kids, happy kids

Our mission is to help kids build a healthier relationship with nourishing food for children. We provide young bodies and minds the fuel they need to grow and be prepared to meet the demands of the present and the future to come. Our belief and commitment is that all children should have access to healthy, fresh food on a daily basis.

Corporate catering

Let us make your business shine.

We fully understand the importance of a corporate event that requires a particular attentions to detail. We work with you to create and manage a unique dinning and workplace experience, advising and customising your menus, designing and setting up the service and providing solutions to fit your unique requirements and budget.

Social Catering

Creating lasting memories

No event is too small or too big for Fitocracy. Let our team help you create a dinner, a cocktail party or an entire event that is tailor made to you, from glamorous weddings to birthday parties or any type of social gathering. Fitocracy brings a wealth of creativity, design and organisation experience to ensure your event is a smashing success without any pressure on your shoulders.



Our food contains no unnecessary preservatives, coloring or flavouring offering you the highest quality products available. Our ingredients are bought locally with respect for the farmers, producers and vendors, to ensure they get a fair and equitable price and limit the damage to the ecosystem.



Our menus are designed mindfully by Larisa Petrini, one of the top international Nutrition & Health Experts. Each menu contains healthy, nutritious ingredients in the right combinations necessary to support sustainable habits.

We successfully break the cycle of unhealthy, pre-packaged, heat and serve foods, transitioning to meals made with clean ingredients including seasonal, farm fresh and locally-sourced
meats and produce.

This way we exceed nutritional guidelines and serve no trans fats, no sugars (corn syrup included), no GMOs and no pesticides.


Our food is not just clean and healthy but also exceptionally delicious. We are proud to have an awarded MasterChef in the team who makes sure all the meals created in our state-of-the art kitchen are highly nutritious, tasty and attractive.



Managing Partner


Head Chef


Nutrition Expert

Fitocracy is a proud member of Sunmedair Group of companies

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